PC Spa

telephone: 01273 779393
mobile: 07504 089152
email: charlie@pc-spa.co.uk

About PC Spa

PC Spa was created after many years of fixing PCs for family and friends.

PC Spa gave us a chance to provide good old fashioned personal service, offering tailor-made solutions rather than unfriendly PC Support Helplines and  inflexible contracts.

Aimed at home users and small businesses, PC Spa is there to keep everyone, both the computer phobic and more advanced users, at peace with their PC.

PC Spa provides outstanding value for money service. Whether you want to set up a new PC, your laptop is not behaving as it should, or your internet is feeling sluggish - whatever the problem, help is at hand. 

About us

PC Spa is a husband and wife team, Charlie and Wai-Fan Clarke, based in Hove, East Sussex.

Charlie is the techy one, who has worked in the IT industry for over 20 years.

A school governor, artist and ex-financial analyst, Wai-Fan is the creative force behind PC Spa.


PC Spa is a committed eco-conscious business.

All local calls are attended by low carbon footprint means, either bicycle, or (if the weather is particularly foul) public transport.

Where possible recycled products are used, and the emphasis is on making the most of your investment in technology, not on throwing shiny new kit at a problem.

Upgrades are preferable to replacement. There are a number of harmful elements in any PC's innards, so the more that can be kept in service longer, the better!

PC Spa encourages the refilling of printer cartridges rather than buying new ones.

Invoicing can be paperless if preferred.