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Commercial Services

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PC Spa can address your business needs, from sole traders up to Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

All aspects of PC connectivity, performance, setup and support are available - these are just a selection of what PC Spa can offer:

PC System tune-up

  • clear out temporary and junk files
  • purges private data
  • prevents unwanted startup programmes

Data Transfer, Backup

  • copy files, documents and pictures/video from old to new PC or from 1 drive to another
  • creation of custom, documented backup procedures

NT Domain creation

Domains offer a more rigorous approach than workgroups, taking advantage of increased security, remote access and enabling a common security policy.

Full network topology review

From load balancers, web servers and application servers, PC Spa can advise, install and configure your in-house services to reduce reliance on external service providers.